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There are so many ways you can give thanks this thanksgiving. Not only with food but you can actually do something nice for someone. Either a family member, friend or a total stranger.


Here are 3 tips on how to give thanks this thanksgiving:

1. Offer your bestie to do her makeup for the Thanksgiving party. You've got the skills, you've got a phenomenal stash. Treat her to be glamed.


2. Does it ever happen to you that in a big shopping spree you end up with double of the same lipstick, blush or highlighter? You can easily donate these to woman's shelters.


3. Organize that one special person in your life's makeup, your mom, aunt, grandma or bestie. Put them all in a YOSMO. They will be delighted. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't let only a Holiday come around the corner to give thanks. Give thanks whenever you can. All small details count.


xo The YOSMO Team


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