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Browsing through Instagram on a late night with Insomnia I saw a post about the miracle Sleep Lotion from Lush. Immediately I went to the website and ordered myself a stash. 

Lush claims on the website that you will sleep well after applying this lotion to the skin. A combination of lavender, oatmeal, Tonka and Ylang Ylang leaves your skin super soft while calming you down for a well-deserved night sleep. 

The first thing you notice upon opening is the light purple color which is already calming on itself. In my experience I smell lavender, vanilla and a small hint of zest. Not only does this lotion indeed calm you down because of the color and scent but also leaves your skin so moisturized even the next day. 

What makes this lotion so affordable is the richness which makes a little go a long way, it soaks in immediately into the skin and does not leave you greasy.

My nighttime routine with the Lush Sleepy Lotion:

Apply evenly a small amount over the entire body and after apply an extra layer under my feet for extra absorption, sleep like a baby! 

Not only is this lotion ideal for insomniacs like me but it also helps if you have any kind of allergies or eczema on your skin. No more itchiness keeping you awake in the middle of the night but sleep like a baby.


So it really does work but find your nightly routine and shot down all electronics. We all know by now that radiation of mobile phones and Wi-Fi is bad for you and can alter a good night sleep. I find what works best is putting down my phone, massaging and reading a good book helps me calm down and sleep right away. 



No more insomnia for me. And you, did you already tried this miracle lotion?


Talk to you soon Cecile




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