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Did it ever happen to you, waking up with wrinkly face like you aged a 100 years overnight and your hair a total mess that cannot be tamed? Well it happens to all of us.

But there is hope so read on to find out what and how it can help your beauty sleep…..


The benefits of silk for your hair

A pure silk pillowcase will prevent you waking up with a bad hair day. This is because the smooth surface and natural properties help reduce friction on your hair. Trading your cotton pillowcase with a silk pillowcase you’ll feel and see a huge difference. Your hair will glide on the smooth surface instead of rubbing on it compared with a cotton pillowcase. Retaining its moisture while reducing frizz and split ends.


The benefits of silk for your skin

The first and foremost benefit of silk is that it is hypoallergenic. Because of its long, smooth fibers which does not irritate the skin. Most importantly silk will not draw the natural moisture of your skin out leaving you with a smooth face until you wake up in the morning. Silk contains natural proteins and amino acids which speed up the metabolism of your skin sells which helps slow down the effect of aging. Same as your hair the friction is extremely reduces which will prevent that wrinkly face we talked about earlier.


Did you know?

Silk does not absorb creams or hair treatments. A normal cotton pillowcase absorbs all your hair and skin moisture leaving you like a dried up tomato in the morning so actually that hourly nightly routine with all your special oils and creams is doing half its job! MIND BLOWN!!!!

By trading that cotton sheet with a silk pillowcase you’ll benefit even more from a good night mask.


Use it year round

Silk is naturally a heat controller which becomes cool when it’s hot and warm in the winter nights. Maintaining a constant body temperature while you have your beauty sleep.


Beautyfyme Silk Collection

We curated the best mulberry silk for our collection and trust us these silk items are going to give you life goals. Sleeping on only the best silk pillowcase will change your beauty sleep, you will wake up fresh, wrinkle free and smoother hair.

Explore our entire collection but if you are slowly wanting to tap into silk start with one of our Beatyfyme Silk Pillowcase.




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