5 Ways to Save Time in The Morning When Preparing For Work Or School

An average person spends 5 hours a week just getting ready for work or school. We know how it’s like in the morning when you’re preparing to leave for work or school. It’s hard enough to wake up, but you’ve got to shower, prepare breakfast and get ready to leave.

Don’t you wish there was a way to save some time in the morning? Maybe you’re looking for a hack for your morning routine, a way to get ready faster in the morning?

Here are 5 ways to save time in the morning when preparing for work or school…

#1: Pick out your outfit the night before – Look for the weather forecast for the next day on any of the weather apps and pick clothes accordingly. Set up a separate rack for holding the clothes for school or work so that there is no confusion. Have the clothes ironed as well.

#2: Have your accessories packed the night before – Make sure to pack all accessories you need in a particular location; things such as books, coat, umbrella, sunglasses or whatever, so that they are easy to pick up just before you leave in the morning.

#3: Wake up, just wake up – That really isn’t as simple as it sounds. You know how much you struggle to wake up in the morning. Women find it much harder to wake up on time than men, maybe because we do so much more work, such as preparing the food, taking care of the kids and in addition to going to work or school.

Never mind all that, just wake up when you hear the alarm and no matter what you do, DON’T hit the snooze button! That makes it worse. Prepare coffee as soon as you wake up, that will get you up and going for the rest of the day.

#4: Have a sumptuous breakfast – The breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure to have a good breakfast with yogurt, granola and a fruit of your choice. You can speed up the breakfast routine by making a smoothie out of all the ingredients by placing them in a blender. Be sure to place the ingredients in the blender overnight. That will save even more time.

 #5: Shorten your makeup routine – Ladies, we know how much time you spend on the makeup routine! You have to find a way to cut on that. But how? Surely you can’t live without your makeup…

Organize! Invest in a YOSMO® acrylic makeup organizer so that you can consolidate and organize all the makeup products you need, whether that is a lipstick, eyeliner, moisturizer, highlighter or cream where you can easily find it.

YOSMO® acrylic makeup organizers such as YOSMO Block, YOSMO Qube the and YOSMO Spa are made from clear and transparent material, so you will have no trouble finding what you need quickly and efficiently. What’s more, they are surprisingly affordable too!

 Right, get going then, it’s time for work/school!