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As a team of make-up and beauty lovers, we are also strong believers that beauty starts from the inside. Not only caring for your spirit and soul, but also for your body. You can find many experts in the beauty industry who say that beauty starts with a healthy lifestyle, healthy skin and healthy teeth. In Wednesday's blog we talked about what oil pulling is, the origin and what the benefits are.

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Today we want to introduce our new Dutch brand KOKOOIL, which gives you healthier and whiter teeth without chemicals or pain. Read on for more information ...


Do you recognize yourself in one of the following situations? You suffer from discoloration on your teeth and want whiter teeth with more shine. You regularly have bad breath or sore gums and so far no solution has helped. An unpleasant situation, but KOKOOIL may offer a solution!

A simple and natural solution for mouth problems

KOKOOIL is a 100% natural product that consists of extra virgin coconut oil. This oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. It prevents bad breath, dental plaque and bacterial growth and helps with discolored teeth. In addition, the oil is frequently used for detoxifying the body. Unlike many other remedies (such as mouthwashes), KOKOOIL does not contain harmful substances that are absorbed by the oral mucosa. With the help of KOKOOIL you tackle mouth and gum problems in a completely natural, safe and efficient way!

  • 100% natural formula
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
  • Strong cleansing and detoxifying effect
  • Handy sachet with the right amount

KOKOOIL is packaged in handy disposable sachets that contain exactly the right amount of oil. You can easily open the sachet with your fingers and pour directly into your oral cavity. Because of this you do not have to doubt whether you have used the right amount, because the sachet contains exactly enough oil for an effective cleaning!

Stunning result

Users are very satisfied with the results of KOKOOIL and see visible improvements when it comes to the appearance and health of teeth and gums. After a few weeks you will notice that your teeth are whiter and shinier, that your breath smells fresher and that your general condition in your mouth has improved. Because (mouth) inflammations can cause all sorts of health problems, KOKOOIL may also have beneficial effects on your overall health.

The most important health benefits at a glance:

  • KOKOOIL lowers the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth
  • KOKOOIL prevents plaque and gum disease
  • KOKOOIL prevents bad breath

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