3 ideas how to give thanks this Thanksgiving Day | Beauty Edition

It’s a day to give thanks and actually not only about the food.

You can also celebrate Thanksgiving in your own way by thanking your friends, family or colleagues.

Here are 3 tips for a nice thanksgiving:

1. Offer your bestie to do her make-up for the Thanksgiving party. You have the skills, you have a phenomenal stash. Pamper her nicely for an intimate party.

2. Does it ever happen to you that you get double the same lipstick, blush or highlighter in a huge shopping spree? Find out everything and donate everything you do not use or double to a women's center. They will greatly appreciate and wear it with pride.

3. For that special person in your life, organize her make-up stash, your mother, aunt, grandmother or bestie. Put them all in a YOSMO. They will be happy.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Do not just leave a public holiday around the corner to thank your loved ones. Thank them whenever you can. All small details count.

xo The YOSMO team