How to Organize Your Makeup

Are you a makeup junkie? You must have quite a collection of eyeliners, palettes, lipsticks, etc. by now, taking up a lot of space in your apartment. Your drawers are packed with half-used samples and your bathroom cabinets are cluttered with spilled palettes and other makeup products that you hardly ever use.

So what can you do about that? How to organize your makeup? Declutter your makeup stash to begin with! Then invest in a YOSMO® makeup organizer.

You can choose from a range of makeup organizers from our online store such as YOSMO Block, YOSMO Qube or YOSMO Tower. All of these products are clear and transparent, made from high quality acrylic with unique, functional and beautiful designs.  Read on for more creative ways to organize and stay organized…

How to Organize Your Makeup

 #1: Declutter your makeup stash

 Get rid of all the lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes that you’ve barely used. Just give them away to your friends or siblings. Really, there’s no point in holding on to them if you barely use them. At least your friends and siblings will love you all the more for all the free makeup you give them. Who doesn’t like free makeup? All ladies love that! Just remember to check if the makeup is expired or not – you should not use expired makeup products or give them to anyone. In that case just throw the expired makeup products in the bin and get rid of them forever.

#2:  Watch out for the expiration dates

We have already talked about the importance of watching out for the expiration dates on all makeup products. You should never wear old makeup as that is unhealthy and damages your skin, besides being completely gross and unhygienic.

Wearing expired makeup can result in eye infections, acne breakouts, skin irritation, sties and other dreadful things. So check the expiration dates on your makeup products regularly and throw out anything that fails to make the cut. No compromise here!

#3: Consolidate and organize

 Once you’ve gotten rid of things you don’t need, consolidate all of your makeup products in one place. Group them together in different categories such as eyebrows, mascara, moisturizer, foundation, eye shadows and concealers.

Invest in the YOSMO Block, which costs just under €93 and is large enough to hold your entire makeup collection in one place, with different compartments for each category. It has a clear and transparent surface, and has a very attractive design.

You will also like the YOSMO Qube, which costs just €62.99 and can easily hold most of your makeup products without a hitch. It doesn’t take up much space in the bedroom either.

Place the YOSMO® makeup organizer in a cool and dry spot, away from direct sunlight, where there isn’t much heat and humidity. It should be easy to access for you when you need it and out of reach of the kids and pets in the house.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. YOSMO® makeup organizers are the most creative way to organize and stay organized. A nice investment but surprisingly affordable. View our cat