YOSMO Divider

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The YOSMO Divider offers the possibility to divide the drawers of your YOSMO Makeup Organizer into 4 equal compartments. Ideal for dividing products by color or category.

Made by hand of high quality material, very strong but as clear as glass.


  • o Constructed from 2 parts
  • o Distribution of drawers in 4 equal compartments
  • o Exclusively made of high-quality cast acrylic which will not discolor and turning yellow after a while


The YOSMO Divider is easy to slide into the drawer. The side with an opening is specially designed to attach to the front of the drawer.

> Push the two parts of the divider together

> Place it diagonally in the drawer with the front opening, tighten it in the drawer until 4 similar compartments are formed

The YOSMO Divider is suitable for all drawers of the YOSMO Tower, YOSMO Block and YOSMO Qube.

* Drawers are not sold individually

* Makeup not included

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YOSMO Divider

YOSMO Divider

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