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The YOSMO Divider offers you the convenience to divide the drawers into 4 equal parts. Ideal to group products by color or category.
Handmade of high quality material, very strong but as clear as glass.

o Build out of 2 parts
o Division of drawers into 4 equal sections
o Exclusively made of high quality cast acrylic which will not turn yellow after time

The YOSMO Divider is easy to insert into the drawer. The side with an opening is specially designed to attach to the front of the drawer.
> Slide the two parts of the divider together so you get a + shape.
> Place it diagonally into the drawer with the opening part on the front and tighten it in the tray until 4 equal sections are created.

The YOSMO Divider is suitable for all drawers of the YOSMO Tower, YOSMO Block and YOSMO Qube.

* Drawers are not sold individually
* Makeup not included

Care Inst

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