• YOSMO Spa-Makeup Organizer Spa-YOSMO
  • YOSMO Spa-Makeup Organizer Spa-YOSMO

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Total luxury and enjoyment with the YOSMO Spa Makeup Organizer. A transparent box with a brown undertone, ideal as display for your most beautiful bath bombs or shower accessories.

The YOSMO Spa has the advantage that you can store a lot of bottles or bath bombs. Due to its perfect height, the bottles stand extra sturdy and you can easily stack your bath bombs into a perfect tower. This box is not only suitable for your bath/shower accessories but can also be used for storing your spa products, beauty blenders or makeup brushes. The YOSMO Spa fits in any interior.

The YOSMO organizer is a small investment that you will enjoy for a long time. Handmade of high quality material, very strong but as clear as glass.

o 12 cm H x 15 cm W x 20 cm L
o Transparent color with a brown undertone
o Exclusively made of high quality cast acrylic that will not discolor after a while


* Cosmetics not included

Care Inst

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